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VMware supports Open Cloud Manifesto

Posted on Tuesday, March 31, 2009 | No Comments

VMware have given support for the Open Cloud Manifesto.

VMware Director of Standards Architecture, Winston Bumpus, put out a post today detailing some of the standards activities he is working in for VMware.

VMware supports the idea of cloud standards and has already made good progress on some key pieces. As one of the original authors of the Open Virtualization Format (OVF) specification, VMware has already shown its leadership and support for working with the industry to drive interoperability standards. In fact VMware believes that interfaces should be open so customers can have choice and improved interoperability while service providers can differentiate on functionality and performance of their services.
One of the details mentioned was
VMware agreed to be part of the Open Cloud Manifesto. This document and discussion, while providing a very minimal set of principles to agree upon, will form a basis for initial agreements as the standards for this new computing paradigm are developed. We don’t believe there will be a single standard or standards body that will standardize all aspects of cloud interoperability.
Of course Microsoft voiced concerns regarding the process and possible outcome which they detailed. Microsoft are not listed on the signatures page of the Manifesto.

Its good that at this stage of the cloud development we are seeing intent for standards and a dialog.

Also great to see so many cloud posts from VMware in the last few days!


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