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Cloud Round Table

Posted on Monday, March 30, 2009 | No Comments

This one is more of a heads up. There is an round table today that will be worth listening too.

The Emergence of Private Clouds – A Roundtable Discussion with Industry Experts

Don't try registering to attend as its already full. Would have been nice to see VMware advertise this somewhere a bit earlier. Could not find any details in any of my RSS feeds but thankfully someone tipped me off (thanks Tim!). If you do register you can get a link for the recording. Once I get the recording I will let you know any good details or if its worth listening to. Given that the speakers are Doug, Stephen and Chad it should be really good!

For an example of something probably not worth it, there was a webcast last week from VMware "Protecting Confidential Data in Cloud Computing Environments" which was woeful. It was on at 5:00am my time and to me it missed the mark and would have been better described as "Security in a essentially traditional shared VMware environment but it sounds cooler if we put the word cloud in there". Please don't send me hate mail, see for your self when the recording appears in the webcast section of the Cloud Resources tab on the VMware site.

Very excited to see what the discussion in this latest round table is though. Should be great.


Update : I did find an announcement 30 minutes after this original post, it was on Chads blog (which is aggregated into Planet V12n) but it did not appear in my search as it was brief and did not have the keywords in it I was looking for. Still stands though, VMware should have advertised this a bit more.

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