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Jobs on the early days of the Web, sounds like Cloud

Saturday, October 15, 2011 Category : , 0

Wired put out a special electronic issue which pulled together many of their previous articles about Steve Jobs.

One article was from 1996 when Steve was at NeXT. The hardware side had failed and they were focusing on Software, in particular around the web and object based programming. At this point in our history, the web was only a few years old. (As a side not the first HTTP server was created on a NeXT box.)

Jobs said a really interesting thing ...

The Web reminds me of the early days of the PC industry. No one really knows anything. There are no experts. All the experts have been wrong. There's a tremendous open possibility to the whole thing. And it hasn't been confined, or defined, in too many ways. That's wonderful!

There is a phrase in Buddhism, "Beginners mind." It's wonderful to have a beginner's mind.

I thought that was a really interesting comment and made me think of the current Cloud space. Cloud is so new and exciting and there is a tremendous open possibility to the whole thing. We are a few years in but its early days. There are no experts and it's only through a beginners mind that we might get some insight and true innovation.


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