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Can you hear the Cloud?

Posted on Tuesday, March 31, 2009 | No Comments

Yesterday I mentioned that there would be a roundtable hosted by EMC on The Emergence of Private Clouds – A Roundtable Discussion with Industry Experts. The experts are Stephen from VMware, Chad from EMC and Doug from Cisco.

The recording is out, if you register you can probably get a link to it. The verdict is its worth the time. Here are my simple notes of the types of things discussed. I occasionally remembered to mark the time of the recording as well.

  • What is a private cloud?
  • How IT is run rather than where, giving you the freedom of choice.
  • Virtualisation an enabler for cloud, allowing you to move between data centers. Removing the penalty of application rewrite. Non-disruptive disruptiveness.
  • A discussion around the assumption that things need to be virtualised, what about high end loads and the non-x86 environment.
  • A discussion on centralized desktops in your data center in your private cloud, whilst being able to take it offline into your local device.
  • Discussion on Cisco UCS for delivering all those virtual workloads. Provisioning networks in software rather than in hardware. 
  • The change in organizational models with the lines between network, server and storage teams changing. The precursors of this are occurring now, for example when trying to implement BCDR with SRM.
  • The VM is the new atomic unit or building block of the datacenter. It breaks how we build networks, how storage moves. Seeing many things now being built around this new atomic unit. Interoperability is becoming pervasive.
  • 24:00 A discussion on service providers, how big will they build, the choice it brings and new pricing models they bring.
  • vCloud initiative.
  • Service providers are evolving from hardware to software providers. 
  • There is a lot of work to do to broaden out the use cases. People want migration between the private and federated clouds which may require lots of data movement. How do you bridge the DC with layer 2? Not for all workloads but some. 
  • Expanding the security model out into the external cloud.
  • VMware, Cisco and EMC are working together on the hard problems which will surface in the future.
  • 32:00 Where does Green IT fit it?
  • What are the barriers to adoption? Moving from manual to automation, look at the change in DRS automation. Knowing your data is protected and highly available. 
  • Running your infrastructure the way a service provider would do it, quality services at a flexible price.
  • 40:00 Questions
Enjoy, Rodos.

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