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Australia in a cloud

Posted on Thursday, March 19, 2009 | No Comments

Australia seems to be enveloped in a cloud these days. You can't start a conversation without it turning to cloud, or maybe thats just me.

IDC brought out some interesting facts of a recent APAC survey they conducted in June.

Here is a little summary.

  • Like VMware "IDC expects its adoption to be amplified by the cost-cutting mantra of most organisations today." In fact "50% of the respondents indicated cost cutting as the key driver behind the adoption".

  • 11% of those surveyed are using cloud services now and a further 41% are piloting or evaluating its use. Thats means more people are interested enough to be doing something about it than those that are not.

  • For the crossing the chasm thinkers the next three years will see cloud moving from early adopters to early majority.

The research was conducted by Linus Lai (pictured), Associate Director of Research and Consulting at IDC Australia. I have met with Linus and discussed his research and I must say he has some good insights into cloud and its definition.

Linus and IDC are presenting at their cloud conference on March 25th, which I recommend people register for way back in December. Turns out it has been so popular that they are pulling prior registrations for anyone in the partner or vendor community, like me! So if you can get it, call me whilst you are there and fill me in!


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