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Posted on Thursday, March 05, 2009 | 1 Comment

For those who may have noticed the announcement or have followed the relevant links to here I have been welcomed as the first ever moderator of the VMware VI:OPS website.

As the February update states.

We would like to welcome our first VIOPS moderator Rodney Haywood AKA Rodos. Rodos will be assisting the VIOPS community in various ways by editing and approving various documents and answering various questions throughout the site.
Our new moderator, Rodos, has also written his first comprehensive proven practice on the popular them of migrating from physical servers to virtual machines. Recognizing that this challenge is more about a well planned and executed process rather than which tools you use, especially when working to scale, this document is a true fountain of knowledge.
It is a privilege to be able to assist with what I think is an important development of the virtualisation space as it continues to move into mainstream operations. For the next set of adopters operational and proven practices are just as important as speeds and feeds of hypervisor performance. My thanks to Steve Chambers and the VI:OPS team at VMware for their trust.

If you are interested in disaster recovery I am tasked with developing the VI3 Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Workshop followed by the VI3 BCDR Architecture and Build Guide. First of the rank is the workshop. If you have some ideas into the content of the workshop then post your ideas into the workshop document development thread where we are collaborating on the content for the draft document.

Of course for all of you VMTN fans, their is no doubt that communities will continue to be the place for community assistance and discussion on technical and product topics. However over time VI:OPS should develop into another quality resource for the operational and management staff who are looking for more detailed information to make their adoption of virtualisation easier for themselves and their organisations.

Why don't your drop on in and post a welcome message whilst browsing some of the current content. You never know, you may see that there is something you can contribute.


P.S. After becoming a vExpert last week don't expect anything next week, I am having this weekend off!


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