> Intro to TechFieldDay Seattle

Intro to TechFieldDay Seattle

Posted on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 | 1 Comment

The GestaltIt TechFieldDay Seattle kicks of tomorrow night and then runs for Thursday and Friday.

I got some good feedback on my past VMworld video diaries (I think mostly from people having a good laugh at me) so I figured I would do some for this event.

Here is an intro video about who's coming, the vendors participating and some initial thoughts.

Now its off to bed to get some sleep!


Disclosure : Tech Field Day is a sponsored event. Although I receive no direct compensation and I take personal leave to attend, all event expenses are paid by the sponsors through Gestalt IT Media LLC. No editorial control is exerted over me or the other delegates.


  1. Would be good to have your view on Compellent in the Cloud space. I personally am not convinced about auto-tiering in a Cloud environment as for the end customer there hardly is any predictability in terms of performance.

    can't wait for your video blogs Rodos, I really enjoy them!


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