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UCS Schematic Sketch

Posted on Thursday, August 06, 2009 | 3 Comments

Well, last day of the UCS bootcamp today. Tomorrow is a day full of labs. Its been great going through it all with some smart people to bounce things off, thanks guys!

At the end of the day I redrew by own version of how UCS hangs together that summarises a lot of the diagrams in the course. It makes it all a lot simpler. The main area of simplifcation is for what occurs inside the IOM inside the Chassis. This layout is something you could easily remember and whiteboard in front of someone. I doubt you could remember the ones in the course notes.

Here is the sketch I whiteboarded.

When I get some time I will put it into Viso and annotate it. However everyone in the class grabbed their cameras so some will try and beat me to it. I hope they do, will save me the effort.

I would like to add a little table that shows the pinning of the IO ports from the MUX to the blades dependent on the number of uplinks (1,2,4).

Hope you find it helpful.

For those UCS architects out there, if you notice any mistakes (we went through it quite a bit to make sure it was right) post in the comments.


Our instructor David Chapman drew this up in Visio this afternoon. We have a few changes but this is a long way along.]

[UPDATE 2 22/Sept/09
Now has the blade details. Need to make it look nice for Networkers next week]


  1. Rodos,
    I love the signature and copyright. You have some whiteboard SKILLZ !!!
    The only thing I would have done differently is keep FI Left only connected to MDS Left, FI Right only connected to MDS Right.
    Very, very nice work!


  2. What's the reasoning behind not cross connecting the Fabric Interconnect boxes to the MDS boxes?

  3. following up to my last comment, and looking at http://www.internetworkexpert.org/2009/08/11/cisco-ucs-nexus-1000v-design-palo-virtual-adapter/ , is the reason due to the design methodology of having two separate SAN fabrics? I can see the merit in that.


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