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Reflex achieve first VMsafe certification

Posted on Wednesday, August 26, 2009 | No Comments

Reflex Systems have become the first vendor to achieve the technical certification for VMsafe.

Aaron Bawcom revealed the achievement on his blog and other details can be found in their press release.

Certification is important to such products. You do want that assurance that VMsafe integrated products have undergone a rigorous testing scheme and controls, after all they operate in a privileged manner underneath your workloads.

To me VMsafe brings two important things. First it allows security at scale, which may be critical for Cloud implementations. Second and more importantly, its yet another thing (and a big one at that) which make a virtual machine better than a physical machine. You can do things with VMsafe that are not possible with a physical server, making the virtual machine no longer the second class player of data center workloads. Now we are starting the see the virtual machine being the best and potentially safest way to deploy a workload.

I would recommend dropping by the Reflex System stand at VMworld and seeing what all the fuss is about, I know I am.


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