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Cisco UCS indicator LEDs

Posted on Tuesday, August 11, 2009 | No Comments

There are a lot of things to write up from my UCS bootcamp last week. Over time I will post up many of the interesting bits and pieces. I thought I would start with something interesting, the indicator LEDs because everyone loves flashing lights.

So here you go, a short video of the chassis and blade locators turned on.

Now that we have your attention (sorry, that's a bad pun) a bit more details.

UCS has an indicator light on the top right of each chassis, shown below. Note the bit of masking tape which during shipping covers the button to protect it and prevent it snagging on things, very nice touch Cisco!

If the indicator light is already on, when you push the button it goes off and the state change is reflected inside UCSM. When you press the button it will start flashing and is reflected inside of UCSM. We found it takes about 5 to 10 seconds for the change is state to appear inside UCSM, however you don't need to hit refresh.

Its all essentially scenarios for the blade. Its a different shapped button, being clear and round. The blade button is not protected during shipping but I doubt it would be damaged.

I would show you an image that had the indicator light within UCSM but I forgot to take screen.

The one thing I have not figured out yet is how to find a device that has had its indicator light enabled inside UCSM. Its easy when you only have a few chassis, there is to many devices to drill down through. If you are looking for a blade you can't view the overall chassis picture (which would cut down the hunt) as it does not show live indicator light status on the overall chassis picture, you need to go into each blade! There may be a simple way in the interface to find whats turned on, I may have not look hard enough yet. There may be a summary screen which may have a column for indicator light. Otherwise this could be one of the early UCSM XML API scripts written, tell me the Service Profile name, Chassis and Blade number off all blades which have their indicator light turned on.


P.S. I have a heaps more stuff, so post in the comments if their is anything you are interested in, I may be able to bump it up the busy schedule.

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