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Posted on Tuesday, February 24, 2009 | No Comments

VMware Europe is in full swing. Twitter is getting some good traffic and you can pick most things up from Planet V12N

I am keeping my eye out for any new developments in vCloud and View, two particular areas I am interested in. Today there was some a little bit of View info.

It was interesting to see Brian Madden comments on Twitter. 

VMware's Paul Maritz: "We will complete the VMware View roll-out in 2009." So Teradici, client hypervisor, offline VDI, etc.

How important are desktops to VMware? In the VMworld keynote, the desktop conversation is after 3 boring cloud demos. People are walking out
Jason Boche posted a summary of the first keynote and made the first comments.
VMware View: Complete Roll-Out in 2009:

  • Centralized template-based management
  • App virtualization
  • Thin provisioning
  • Hi latency
  • Low bandwidth
  • Productive Desktop
  • HD video
  • Flash
  • 3D graphics
  • Use local resources
  • Optimal media experience
  • Rich portable desktop
Interesting that it mentions hi latency on the WAN, are VMware partnering with some of the WAN acceleration companies or putting elements into a new protocol? One would not think that the Teradici works are not going to play in the WAN, that would be something new.

On the LAN the Flash, HS video and 3D graphics may all be handled by Teradici but we saw VMware and Wyse demo flash multi-media support back in Sept '08. Is VMware going to have a multiple attacks?

Nothing amazing yet, lets see what comes tomorrow. 


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