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Migration Methodology

Posted on Thursday, February 19, 2009 | No Comments

Many people have been talking about VI:OPS lately and I have just posted my first Proven Practice on "Migration Methodology".

The document details the migration strategy and plan to undertake moving the existing workloads from their current physical and virtual environments to the new virtual environment.

The steps required within this migration are identified as:

  • Initial server scan for exclusions and candidates
  • Detailed Server Audit
  • Planning phase
  • Preparation of the VMware Environment
  • Migration process development
  • Specific case testing and POC
  • Migrations
  • Decommissioning
  • Documentation and review
During the required steps the following documentation is to be created and controlled by the project teams.
  • Server population matrix
  • Detailed server audit and plan
  • Networking requirements summary
  • Storage schedule
  • Resource pool and shares schedule
  • Master migration schedule and status register
  • Migration process and checklist
  • Issues and resolution register
Check it out and post in the document comments or just edit it with your own updates. Think Wikipedia for VMware practices.

As a community of practitioners for VMware implementations and process it is going to be a challenge as to how we share our IP in a manageable way. After all VI:OPS is very different to VMTN. Yet my heart tells me it's an important initiative which we need to get behind. So dig into your closet, what can you contribute, it may be 15 minutes to review my document or someone else's to improve/tweak it. Maybe you want to contribute your own . We look forward to whatever you can contribute.


P.S. It was great to see that Maish contributed the Visio icons into VI:OPS as well.

Also thanks to all the great people and customers of Oriel Technologies where the seeds of this migration process developed.

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