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Posted on Wednesday, February 25, 2009 | No Comments

If you are lucky enough to be at VMworld at the moment you have a chance to get yet another free T-Shirt.

As Duncan Epping writes over on his blog.

Now I want to see a full packed booth tomorrow at 13:00 - the Community Booth(next to the Dell Booth). So as a incentive we will give a free t-shirt to everyone that comes and drops a question to the Experts or even starts a discussion!

If you’re scared to asks question just head over and vote for the best of the VMworld show poll, we will also be giving away shirts for that during the day. Just come and visit the booth during the day or during the VMTN Experts Session / Meet and Greet… who doesn’t want to have a cool looking VMworld Community shirt? I know I want one so I might just ask the famous Tom Howarth a question!

To all you bloggers out there, please re-post. And just so you know these guys are on the panel:

gabrie Gabrie van Zanten, - Owner of gabesvirtualworld
jason Jason Boche, - VMTN Moderator, Minneapolis Area VMUG president, and owner of Boche.net
alan Alan Renouf, - Owner of Virtu-Al, Powershell Enthusiast 
 Steve Beaver, - Tripwire, VMTN Moderator, and contributor to Virtual Black Hole
scott Scott Herold, - Quest, owner of VMGuru.com and accomplished Author
thomas Thomas Bryant, - VizionCore and VMTN Moderator
vitoolkit Wil van Antwerpen, - Owner of vi-toolkit.com
eric Eric Sloof, - VMware trainer and owner of ntpro.nl
tom Tom Howarth, - VMTN Moderator and owner of PlanetVM
duncan Duncan Epping, - VMware Senior Consultant and owner of Yellow-Bricks

I know most of these guys and they are the type of people I would love to have a natter with on all things Virtualisation. In fact the only person I don't know is Wil, so I would talk to him first! So do yourself a favor and get a long, you may even get a free T-Shirt.


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