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Vmworld 2009 Hello Freedom

Posted on Friday, September 04, 2009 | 4 Comments

Well here is my video for VMworld 2009 Hello Freedom.

After a week of very little sleep due to the long video blogs I did (hey we all have to try new things) I thought I would end the week with something funny. Okay and attempt to be funny.

Unfortunatley you need to know the people to get the joke at the end but this is to say thinks to the VMware online community that were so welcoming, warm and kind with their words this week. You are a great bunch of people who are keen to share your knowledge and a friendly hello.

Also a great thanks to the VMware communities team, especially John Troyer, for their commitment and passion.

Guys, this one is for you! I hope you get a laugh.


P.S. Thanks to all the participants for being good sports and contributing to something that sounded crazy at the time. Sorry to all those great people that I did not run into today and did not make it in as a result, I am thinking of you Dr Troyer!

P.P.S. If you are reading this through RSS the video may not appear, you might have to click through to see it.


  1. Anonymous6:30 pm

    Thanks for this Rodos, I'm sure it will explain my whereabouts to management. - vTrooper

  2. I **wish** I was Duncan Epping (#1 blog) or Scott Lowe (#2 blog) - I'm a distant #3 :-)

    And hey, they are both excellent dudes :-)

    Great VMworld - and was great to see you Rodos!

  3. Is it just me or does Scott Lowe look a *lot* younger (and cooler) in that video than he does in his Twitter profile pic?! Time for a new pic Scott! :)

  4. Hey Rodos. I think that worked.

    Express yourself everyone!!!



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