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VMworld 2009 Day 2 Video Summary

Posted on Thursday, September 03, 2009 | 1 Comment

Here is my day to summary. This will be the longest one of the week I suspect.

VMworld 2009 Day 1 Video Summary from Rodney Haywood on Vimeo.

Hopefully the lighting is better. There is some general video at the end of the goings on of the day.


P.S. Thanks for the fantastic bandwidth available over at VMworld, 6 minute upload compared to the estimated 3.5 hours at my hotel! However its taken a while for Vimeo to process it. Hopefully tomorrow will be smoother.


  1. Mate, thanks for all the video blog updates. It's pretty close to being there and getting the good oil from a vExpert. Keep it coming. Timbo.


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