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Cisco Networkers Update Day 1

Posted on Wednesday, September 30, 2009 | No Comments

Cisco Networkers 2009 kicked off in full swing this morning with the keynote from Guido Jouret who is the Chief Technology Officer of Cisco’s Emerging Technologies Group.

Some key messages that I took from the keynote

  • "Cisco are trying to be more than a comms company but be an experience provider to lead us all into the future."
  • Cisco did a live demo from the other side of the world via LiveDemo which is TP on steroids.
  • "People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware". Alan Kay examples of this occurring are the iPhone, wii & Cisco TP
  • Perfect Storm coming over power grid, its old, people are retiring and its not green. Cisco is investing heavy in SmartGrid and an energy internet.
  • Cisco want 2 make all this video work across consumer, Enterprise and service provider networks for end to end anywhere experience.
  • There is lots of vido in the Enterprise today but its silo'd. They need to all be converged and video needs to become simply a data type. Cisco Medianet is taking IP to the next level.
  • Video is 65% of Ciscos internal traffic!
  • People on IP enabled phones such as iPhone use 30 times the bandwidth! The melenials are going to bring video to the workplace.
  • IP traffic will increase fivefold from 08 to 13. Its has take 25 years to get this far. Video will make it dble next year.
  • "IT as an experience creator"
Thanks for all who came to the session I was speaking in, on insights into deploying Cisco UCS, I hope you received some good insights for how to successfully deploy UCS into your environment without "implementation fear".

Here is my video update for the day (below, otherwise visit http://rodos.haywood.org). Note there was lots of talk about the Flip video from Cisco in the keynote. All of this video was taken with my Cisco Flip, it really is as good as they say!

Till tomorrow.


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