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Find someone smarter

Posted on Friday, January 16, 2009 | No Comments

If you want to learn go find someone smarter than you on the topic and engage with them. Well, they are not actually smarter than you, its just that they have put more thinking time into the topic, they have read more, analysed more and had more experience. In most circumstances they are also quite keen to share it with you. You can fast track your learning by leveraging their minds.

This is why I am recommending you take the time to listen to the Virtualisation Security Round Table which launched today. You can read the show notes and all the details over at the shows Wiki.

The show is hosted by Edward Haletky, so we know it meets the criteria of someone smarter than us when it comes to security.

Now go find another topic you should know a lot more about this year and find someone in your company, the blogsphere, twitter, a user group or industry forum and start engaging with them!


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