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Confirmation of cloud approach for 2009

Posted on Monday, January 12, 2009 | 2 Comments

The cloud has been on radar.

On Jan 5 Gartner put out their new years resolutions for CIOs for 2009. I don't have access to the report however Sam over at the Cloud Pulse blog must have because he reported on its contents in relation to cloud.

Sam reports that Cloud "figures prominently" and that CIOs are encouraged to "start taking cloud seriously."

"You will need to start leading your organization safely in this inevitable direction, or risk being sidelined by its progress."

Its interesting that one of the recommendations of "exploring" the Cloud is to "start to assess the cost of internal applications of a utility (per-seat, per-month) basis". This was one of the items on my list last week of things which CIOs need to start putting into their planning and review now.

Here was the list of "get ready" items I listed last week.

  • virtualise
  • centralise
  • automate
  • package
  • streamline networking
  • WAN acceleration
  • understand current chargeback or costing models

Update : I managed to obtained a full copy through my employer (thank you marketing).


  1. Anonymous1:58 am

    Just making it through the "get ready" list and knowing the utility cost of IT will be 90% of the benefit of the cloud. Organizations might find enough fat to cut and areas to improve right there, that they decide to stay put. Movement to cloud will be slow for good IT orgs, while messy IT orgs might rush to cloud to hide internal problems (bad architecture, sloppy management, bad processes....).


    #1 benefit of cloud might just be realizing you don't need it (in some cases).

  2. Sean thats a good point. One of my arguments is that getting ready gives you ROI and improvements in many areas so its a win/win. Once people are ready the use of cloud should be easy enough that its a natural progression rather than stopping. Especially if its to deal with growth rather than replacement. (Oh, we need more of X, why not move some of Y over there and we then have capacity for X.

    The IaaS migration is not going to happen over night but neither does getting read. Also note that many IaaS players are already in the market (Amazon) and there is a lot that can be gained through SaaS now. Last I heard salesforce were doing okay.

    Thanks for the comment.



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