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SNIA Blogfest Australia participants

Posted on Tuesday, November 02, 2010 | 1 Comment

This coming Thursday is the SNIA blogger event which will cover EMC, HDS, IBM and NetApp .

Bloggers who are attending are

Ben Di Qual : @bendiq
Graeme Elliott : http://itknowledgeexchange.techtarget.com/art-of-storage/ @GraemeElliott
The people presenting for the vendors are

EMC : Clive Gold @clivegold & Mark Oakey @maoakey
HDS : Adrian De Luca
IBM : Joe Cho
NetApp : John Martin @life_no_borders

Of course the host is Paul Talbut of SNIA Australia @SNIA_ANZ

Expect to see some tweets, possibly live blogging and some great blog write ups, photos and videos of the event.

I have created a twitter list of all the twitter handles that I could find, so you can easily follow the group activity. http://twitter.com/rodos/snia-blogfest-2010

Update : Justin came up with a sweet hashtag #sniafest, love it.



  1. Hi Rodney,
    The presenters from IBM were:
    - Anna Wells, Leader of our IBM ANZ Storage Business
    - Craig McKenna, Storage Technical Sales Leader, IBM Growth Markets Unit
    - Joe Cho, Storage Software Technical Specialist, Northern Region, IBM Australia

    More info at http://bit.ly/2uXsGe

    Many thanks,
    Jane Bounds @janebounds


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