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Interview with Craig McKenna of IBM on XIV

Posted on Saturday, November 06, 2010 | 2 Comments

Craig McKenna gave some details on XIV at the SNIA Australia Blogfest this last week. I caught up with Craig to get a quick run down on some of the things he talked about including the value prop, how data is stored via RAID-X and the technique for rebuild of failed drives.

I have the video of the actual presentation so I will process that and put it up so you can see the whole thing.



  1. Interesting.. Sounds vaguely similar to what Evostor were pushing. That is, 4 copies of the data, and less rebuild times. The ridiculous amount of storage controllers part is something new. Good interview. BTW Evostor have dropped AUS form what I believe now.

  2. David Barclay11:28 pm

    Good interview. I especially liked the smirks around the comment Craig made about an IBM first including all the software ;)


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