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Virtumania Interview

Posted on Wednesday, March 31, 2010 | 1 Comment

Whats the scoop behind this new Virtumania podcast that Rich Brembley has started? Well watch the video for the run down.

I am an fan of the Infosmack podcasts as I have previously mentioned. Mark and Greg are helping Rich out and people like Rick Vanover are a regular guest. I talk to Rich about the formation and reasons behind this new podcast, where they got the name from and some details about upcoming topics.

The thing that has really impressed me from talking to Rich and Rick over the last few days at HPStorageDay is how much effort goes into creating such a quality podcast. The actual recording goes much longer than what you hear. There is quite a bit of post processing and daft/review that goes into removing talk overs, dead spots and stuff that does not work. This means that what you hear is concise and polished. Maybe thats what makes both these podcasts the must listen to for the virtualisation community at the moment!

Thanks to Rich who put up with squinting into the sun so I could get good lighting for the recording!



  1. I definitely have a face for internet radio! ;)

    Thanks for the interview! Look forward to having you on the show soon!


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