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Posted on Thursday, January 28, 2010 | No Comments

Not sure if you like to listen to podcasts. I am cyclical, doing it for a while and then dropping off for probably longer.

Over the last few weeks I have been listening to the Infosmack Podcasts presented by Greg Knieriemen of Chi Corporation and Marc Farley of 3Par and StorageRap.com. They always have a few guests, all of whom you would recognize as leading commentators in their field. I met Greg and Mark at the Gestalt II Tech Field Day and can vouch that they are not as crazy as they come across.

The show is not too heavily storage focused as they cover virtualisation and cloud amongst other things. From what I see they cover anything around the infrastructure vendors and products (just the space I like). The good thing is that they have good knowledge of the industry and give you some interesting insights. If in your day to day work you need to understand the movements and machinations that occur within our industry this will help get your own juices flowing.

I would sum up the podcast as the Top Gear of podcasts. There is good information but its presented in such an entertaining way that really shows through the personalities of the hosts, which is just as interesting as the content. As you listen to more you start to know the characters and even some of the slightly in jokes.

If Greg and Mark can keep up the passion and the industry and keep feeding them interesting news to talk about and comment on I think I will be a regular listener.

If you have a great podcast that others may like post in the comments.


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