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Twitter shirt

Posted on Wednesday, October 14, 2009 | 8 Comments

Sometime we just embarrass ourselves, today was one of those days.

As I got dress this morning I figured I would try out my new t-shirt ordered from http://www.customtees.com.au/. All I can say is my wife burst out laughing, rolled over in bed and continued laughing. All day I have been getting weird looks from people in the office.

I don't know whats wrong with everyone. I think its cool, which makes me sad I know.

You know you want one, you just can't admit it.



  1. Dare you to wear that on Sunday night! Ha ha ha oh man I definitely don't want one of those.

  2. errrrr, No. I think it is the colour mate, and your wife was not laughing, it was hysteria - that will turn everything a very nice shade of pink on first wash :D As to your co-workers, I have heard that is their standard way of looking at the god that is @Rodos, unlike mere mortals like myself who they would just ignore in the same way as people ignore pan-handlers. ;)

    And finally, the only thing that is cool about it is the short sleeves :D I know it is Spring down there but please LOL

  3. Andrew8:55 pm

    oh dear....

    Will be in sydney next week... couple of beers? :)

  4. I would love one, and I would use it!


  5. Oh my. I may very well get one now too :-)

  6. WHAT?!?! I don't get it... Why would ANYONE laugh at that shirt? Or you for that matter? Some people can be so cruel...I think it was a nervous jealousy thing...

  7. Maybe it's an excessive vanity thing?

  8. Anonymous9:58 pm

    daggy as the t-shirt may be, you too can have one direct from the CustomTees eBay shop:

    http://ow.ly/ux5t or

    email us: crazy_dudes@customtees.com.au


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