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UCS Release Notes

Posted on Tuesday, July 21, 2009 | No Comments

More documentation is coming out for UCS on the Cisco sites. As mentioned by Steve the other day a lot of the documentation is now becoming available.

Further to what has been mentioned I notice that the "Release Notes for Cisco UCS Release 1.0(1e)" are out. You will need a CCO login to read these though, unlike the public documentation. Looks like some documents go into both locations and others do not, can't see any rhyme or reason to as why yet. Of course then there are the documents in the Partner Resource Center. Reminds me of my post "Does VMware have too many locations for technical materials?"

The release notes for UCS have all sorts of juicy details about little things that don't work at the moment. The workarounds to some of these are funny as is often the case. Some examples.

Symptom : When several KVM Consoles are launched, the SUN JRE sometimes reports an error and the KVM Console fails to launch.
Workaround : Launch the KVM Console again.

Symptom : The vNIC templates are not exported when you backup all system and logical configuration settings (the All Configuration option).
Workaround : Create the vNIC templates after you import the configuration.

Symptom : On a system with five or more chassis, the following sequence of events causes the system to not be HA ready for up to five minutes:

1. Discover all chassis
2. Wait for HA READY
3. Decommission all chassis
4. Recommission all chassis

Workaround : Wait for HA READY.

I will keep my UCS Resources page updated with the pertinent links.


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