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VMworld 2009 Cloud Session

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The catalog for VMworld 2009 sessions is starting to appear.

If you are into Cloud here are the ones that are relevant. Don't be fooled, there are quite a few that mention cloud but they are more about the internal cloud and are stretching the wording.

Securing vCloud - TA3901

Enterprises are looking for ways to expand their on-premise infrastructure to add capacities on demand, as well as SMBs or workgroups wanting a fully outsourced infrastructure, are investigating cloud computing. Many of today’s solutions have issues like proprietary application platforms that require redevelopment time to function off-premise, inability to move to another provider if SLAs aren’t met, and long lead times to move or set up new environments. This presentation is based on an actual customer experience utilizing VMware’s vCloud.

For customers, vCloud delivers peace of mind in knowing the services they get from hosting/service providers for disaster recovery, test and dev or just simple infrastructure on demand will be reliable, flexible, and secure. This presentation will analyze the core security and reliability components and demonstrate the security of the vCloud with an actual customer application failing the business defined Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the application due to security vulnerability, and the application migrating to the service provider environment to meet the SLA by mitigating the vulnerability.

Proposed agenda:
• security consideration for cloud environment
• how to preserve a consistent security policy regardless of hosting it on premise, or hosted by a cloud partner?
• how do define SLA for security?
• how to evaluate the security offering by a cloud partner?

Improved cloud interoperability using virtualization management standards - VM2706
This session will discuss the latest developments in virtualization management standards and how they can be used to provide improved cloud computing interoperability. It will cover the latest virtualization management standards activities within the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) that are being developed within its VMAN initiative. This includes updates and demonstrations of usage of Open Virtualization Format (OVF) for cloud portability. This session will also give a review of current implementations of these standards in various vendor offerings.

Introducing the VMware vCenter Suite: Managing Service Levels Across Dynamic IT Infrastructure - VM3235
VMware’s goal is to bring a new level of simplicity to managing IT, bringing greater efficiency, control and flexibility to IT operations than ever before. This session will highlight VMware’s vision for managing applications and IT services across dynamic infrastructure in the datacenter, including creation of the private cloud. It will highlight key enabling technologies for managing IT as a service, and will also provide an overview of the vCenter Suite of solutions that can help IT evolve toward a service-centric management model and reduce the cost and complexity of managing IT infrastructure.

Introduction to Redwood - Unknown
Sven Huisman posted that he notice this session but I can't find it in the catalog. However I can't see any Technology Preview sessions so maybe that's why. Sven quoted the session as ... "VMware will be releasing and end-to-end solution for setting up internal and external clouds. In this session, product management will drill into the specifics of that offering. The first half of this presentation will introduce the scope and composition of the release; the second half will dive into specific technologies behind the cloud."

As more session details become available I will update cloud related ones back into this post.

See you at the sessions!


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