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New face at VMware on Cloud - Jian Zhen

Posted on Tuesday, June 16, 2009 | 1 Comment

Having been writing on cloud for nearly a year now I just stumbled across a new VMware cloud thinker on twitter of all places.

Jian Zhen is the Director of Cloud Solutions at VMware and has been in the role for 4 months, starting in March.

Jian has a personal blog http://www.zhen.org/ (a bit like all of us) where he has been posting some great thoughts on Cloud.

The recent entries have been a four part series on "The Thousand Faces of Cloud Computing" which have been broken down into

  • Differing Definitions
  • Users
  • Business Benefits
  • Architecture Characteristics
I like the fact that he is using the same terms that I am using like "Elastic".

If you are into Cloud I suggest your add his RSS feed into your reader!

Jian, welcome to the conversation!



  1. Thanks for the welcome and sorry about the delay in responding! I just saw this. -- Jian


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