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Gartner Validates Nick Carr

Posted on Wednesday, October 22, 2008 | No Comments

I have spoken in September about Cloud and Nick Carr.

This recent article at CIO, "Blog: Cloud Computing: Gartner Validates Nick Carr -- At Least Partially" agrees with me along with Gartner. Always nice to be in good company.

Golden takes Carr to task though.

On the other hand, I think Carr is only half-validated by Gartner. He oversimplifies the world of IT when he compares it to snapping together online components to create an application.
However if we go back to the original ideas in his first book, I do think they align well. With the current cloud offering one needs to rearchitect your applications or do things in different ways. This is not a standardised approach which is what the utility of computing requires. After all you can plug into any electical point and things work. With virtualisation and the VDC-OS and vApp framework you will not need to change your work loads. This is where I think we will see the Carr vision turn into reality.

I suppose that puts me and Gartner a lot closer than Golden, he is being to focused on the cloud of today and not the storm of tomorrow!

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