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Posted on Wednesday, February 09, 2005 | No Comments

Yes, it seems that the book of the moment is Dan Brown's 'The Da Vinci Code'.

I have not read it yet, I have way to many other books sitting on my stack of books to start reading. However I want to get to it soon as so many people I meet seem to have read it.

The strange thing is the impact this book has on many people. For some its quite a revelation. However this may be a book that has gone the way of Internet information; so check your facts before you believe everything you read. After all the book is found in the fiction section.

It surprises people that when they look up some of the simple elements of the story which you can verify, that there is some poetic license in use, such as the painting of the last supper. In this light, a lot of the other theories that the book puts forward look even more like mere theories rather than fact.

An interesting response to some of the claims about scripture in the book can be found in this article by Chadd Hafer.

Maybe I will get to the book soon and I can have something I can comment on from first hand experience. Until then I will have to leave it up to others.

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