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21 today

Posted on Saturday, February 12, 2005 | No Comments

I am not one for finishing things. It drives my wife a little spare but I think she knows I always have good intentions. I am okay at work, its just around home that it mainly occurs.

Knowing this my mind was drawn to that well worn phrase about habits taking 21 days to form. But I wondered if this was just a myth or something real.

A quick search on the Internet revealed many statements very close to the following.

Research shows that in order for any behavior or action to become automatic or routine, it must be done daily over a period of twenty-one consecutive days.
However for all of the articles, stories and anicodotes which made this claim not a single one gave reference to that Research. I think they are just all making it up! Maybe making this claim is just a habit which people can't break.

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