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IE9 and VMware vCloud Director

Posted on Tuesday, August 16, 2011 | 4 Comments

A quick note as people are starting to use IE9.

Currently vCloud Director (remote console plug-in) does not support IE9, the vCloud Director website should work with the appropriate Flash plugin, but the VMRC (console) is not expected to work. Support for IE9 is a feature request VMware are looking at for a future release of vCloud Director. Personally I am keen for Safari support too.

You can find the list of supported browser versions on various OS versions starting on page 18 of the install guide. Note that the Users Guide for VCD is less helpful as the phrase "At least Internet Explorer 7" which might lead you to think that IE9 works.



  1. Anonymous4:19 pm


    The remote console works fine for me on IE 9 on vCloud Director 1.0.1 (maybe unsupported but works like a charm without any modifications)

  2. Hey Anon. Not that I don't believe you but we have tried have had other browsers working fine but IE9 foo bars. VMware concur but still trying to work though with support.

    Might be some combo setting ... U R the first I have heard of who has it working.

    See http://communities.vmware.com/message/1811176#1811176

    Anyone else got it working?

  3. Here is the KB article that summarises the supported versions.


    IE9 is not listed.

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