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Congrats to Channel vChampions

Posted on Thursday, April 07, 2011 | No Comments

Congratulations to all the VMware Channel Champions which were announced at the VMware Partner Exchange in Sydney yesterday.

The announcement was made by the new Channel Director for VMware ANZ John Donovan during the opening session.

Here is the list of 26 people that were named, which includes yours truly.

I know quite a few people on that list and have been working with many of them in the virtualisation industry for many years. Even though we are competitors I have always found a great spirit of shared mission and values with these guys where our business competition is left to the side where appropriate.

The people are called vChampions and all come from the partner community which is different from the vExperts. To be honest we don't really know much about it yet, there is a special event to reveal more details. There is a website (yet another one) http://www.vmwarechampions.com.au/ which states that
Welcome to the VMware Champions community.

The Champions community is a new initiative that will bring together the most dedicated supporters of VMware products, like yourself, and reward you with exclusive events and updates. We look forward to building a great future with you.
From what I have heard its intended that the program gives you access to some special events and more access to VMware staff. Time will tell.

Great that VMware is working to look after its community of people who participate from the Partner community and recognise leaders. Again, my congratulations to all who have been recognised!


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