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Posted on Tuesday, September 07, 2010 | 1 Comment

You meet some interesting vendors on the show floor at VMworld. One I ran into was CORAID, who have an interesting idea of not using Fibre Channel or iSCSI as the transport for storage connectivity, instead they use ATA over Ethernet (AoE). Certainly something I had not heard of before, but with all the noise around FCoE and FCoTR why not AoE.

By using commodity hardware and lightweight Ethernet vendors like CORAID can reduce the cost of deploying storage arrays. They have a range of hardware, although they don't have certification on the VMware HCL yet. I believe certification is coming soon.

CORAID have some interesting founders who have come from such places as VMware and Kidaro.

The main reason I wanted to mention them was because they are going to be present at VMware vForum in Sydney Australia on October 26th to 27th. If you are going along why don't you check out CORAID are all about. Its great to see these vendors which you come across in the US starting to take interest in Australia and attending the local conferences.



  1. Anonymous1:58 am

    The technical genius behind Coraid is Brantley Coile. He invented the PIX firewall at Network Translations Inc.



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