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Australian Bloggers

Posted on Thursday, August 05, 2010 | 4 Comments

Okay here is a list of bloggers in Australia who cover the IT Infrastructure, Virtualisation, Data Centre, Storage and possibly virtualised Cloud space.

You will see that the list is short at the moment, as I am trying to create it. Please post a comment or send me a tweet if you know an active blogger in Australia who covers any of these areas in IT.

In alphabetical order.
You know we need more good tech bloggers in this country!


Note : I have put the employer of each author not to make any statement but to simply blog with integrity. As I am pointing people to these sites others may not be aware of each persons situation. I am sure that all these people write their own views not their employers. If you are listed and you want your employer removed and I will delete the entry.

P.S. To get added you have to have had more than a few posts in the last few month, be on topic and live in Australia. Posting on Apple products all the time won't make the grade. Apologies if you are an awesome Australian blogger and I don't have you there yet, especially if we are friends, innocent mistake, let me know!


  1. Anonymous2:46 am

    Here's one missing that's helped me out a few times:

    Leo Raikhman
    Core IT Services

  2. Check it out and Leo is writing some good stuff. Added.


  3. Hi Rod,

    Preston and I worked with a guy called Dan Frith who lives in or near Brisvegas. Don't know who he works for these days but he blogs @ http://www.penguinpunk.net/blog/


  4. Thanks Leo, Dan has some good and regular posts. Added. Sweet.



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