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More VLANs for UCS

Posted on Friday, June 25, 2010 | 2 Comments

Just a quick note that the new release of UCS Manager (UCSM) for the Cisco Unified Computing System now supports 512 VLANs. Many have been waiting for this increased support and there are more to come in the future.

The version is 1.3(1), the details of the update (apart from this hidden fact) are in the release notes.

Other tweaks are:
  • UCS Manager now supports up to 14 chassis (was 12)
  • Blade level power capping
  • Setting additional BIOS parameters in service profiles
  • Configure vCenter wizard
  • SNMP traps extended to chassis and blades.


  1. Anonymous10:48 am

    Where did you hear there would be more than 512 VLANs in UCS?

  2. @Anonymous. Err .. umm ... did I hear that. Ahh go and talk to someone at Cisco, before I get smacked or a take down notice. I think its generally common knowledge that more vLANS will be supported in some future release.


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