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Mike DiPetrillo from VMware talks Cloud

Posted on Wednesday, April 07, 2010 | 2 Comments

Last week Mike DiPetrillo (@mikedipetrillo / http://www.mikedipetrillo.com/) finally came out from hiding. Mike is a veteran at VMware, being one of its early employees and one of the early people at VMware to adopt social media and blogging. Of late though Mike looks to have been missing in action. Well Mike has come out from hiding, a bit anyway.

As the Global Cloud Service Architect for VMware Mike has been head down working on VMware's vCloud initiatives. Its a huge task and involves leading a growing team of Cloud pre-sales Architects around the world. Recently Mike sat in on the VMTN Community Roundtable with John Troyer and discussed many aspects of Cloud (listen).

I managed to catch up with Mike to discuss many topics around Cloud. The things we covered were :
  • How VMware define Cloud and Mikes personal definition.
  • The transition of traditional applications which are placed into the Cloud (Applications In the Cloud / AIC) and the new range of applications being built for the Cloud (Applications For the Cloud / AFC).
  • What VMware are doing in assisting people with the building new style applications.
  • The different skills and focus required when architecting Cloud environments.
  • Some examples of the concepts or pitfalls organisations need to be aware of as they start to thing about building or moving to Cloud environments.
  • Lastly Mike discusses the feature of VMware that he thinks is just way cool, after all he has been working with virtualization for longer than most of us. Also Mike reveals how ESX got its name. Do you know what the three letters stand for?
I hope you enjoy the discussion. A big thank you to Mike who was gracious enough to take the time and sit down to share his thoughts and insights. A true gentleman.

Here is the video (embeded below).

Lets hope that Mike gets more time to return to the blogging scene and share more of his thinking.


P.S. Those vCloud Architects I mentioned are starting to write some blog posts of their own, you can read these at http://blogs.vmware.com/vcloud/ and I was also urge you to keep up with the writings of Steve Jin (@sjin2008) from VMware at http://www.doublecloud.org/ who writes from the application space view of Cloud.


  1. To be clear Mike manages the "presales" vCloud Architects. I am part of the delivery team which is managed by Stephen Beck. Different ball game.

  2. Thanks for the clarification Duncan! I updated the text of the post and made it clear that Mike leads the pre-sales guys.


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