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Gartner on the place of Private Clouds

Posted on Friday, November 27, 2009 | 3 Comments

Check out Gartners view on private clouds in this video from Tom Bittman.

Tom thinks that services will ultimately move to service providers but that they are not ready yet. Hence to do something now, organisations are looking at virtualisation to create Private Clouds (Internal Private one would assume). Its predicted a lot of the money spent over the next few years will be put into these areas and not into utalisation of Service Provider clouds.

However, in Gartners view, Private Cloud computing is not the destination but a stop gap, near term step, until the services are more mature which may be six months for some services or ten years for others. Tom also talks about how creating Private Cloud can be a stepping stone to ease the migration to Service Providers in the future, "I don't want to build a dead end, I want to build a stepping stone".

Its only 90 seconds long, take a look.

Whilst I like the premise behind the message, I can't say I agree with all of it; although I am sure its hard to sum things up in 90 seconds. I think that Private Clouds will remain and it won't be an evacuation off to the Service Provider space. There will still be a place for Private Cloud. I can think of many reasons to maintain your smaller Private Cloud. If you have some good ideas of why you would maintain some Private Cloud post in the comments.



  1. Hmm off the top of my head

    compilance (no data offsite or out of the country),
    being able to see the "kit" (seeing what all that money bought)

    Many more there I am sure


  2. David, thanks for commenting.

    Another example is those applications where latency must be very low. This will change over time but is certainly not low hanging fruit.

    There will always be a place for local DR, that is replicating data and function back to a private cloud for the event of a disaster. When there is an essential service it may require to be able to run in a diminished capacity off the grid, think of hospitals, emergency services. They may want to run primary form the cloud where they can generally receive a higher service level at a lower price with greater capacity and only run local in an emergency. This is relevant in Australia where we have frequent bush fires and floods that cause problems.


  3. Rodos

    I haven't tuned in for a while and was hoping you might do a high-level video cast (Gartner Style) on the some of the differences between the "VCE" story and the recently announced NetApp, Cisco and VMware story.

    As you know I am an ICT Specialist selling IaaS solutions into the Banking Finance & Insurance space and it would be great if I share your insights with my respective account teams.

    Many thanks


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