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Seeing the light

Posted on Sunday, February 10, 2008 | No Comments

Well I have seen the light. Today I forked out my own money to purchase computer hardware (its much better when someone else is paying ). And what did I purchase, a MacBook. Its for the children, really.

Must say that after a day we are impressed. Use iMovie to create a fantastic short 5 minute film with lots of things that would have been hard on a windows box with Movie Maker. The wireless setup instantly. All devices seam to work and its not hard to use the applications we have tired. The build in camera is nice and the children love it.

Must admit I would not have got it if VMware Fusion was not around so we could run the occasional Windows app however I have worked with Keynote and the other Apple applications in the past and if they are not better they are at least as good. The only real issue is compatibility, which is where Fusion comes in.

Its also nice to use a system where you do not know how to do everything. Learning is always fun and so far, "it just works".

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